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Technology has changed the lifestyle of human beings. One can watch every event anywhere in the world. Man has landed on the moon and searched other galaxies. On figure tips, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. With Movie HD APK, you can now watch your favorite Movies and missed TV episodes later. It might also show highlights of FIFA World Cup 2022.

This app is designed for both Android and IOS devices. Apart from android and IOS, you can install this app on your PC and Chromecast devices as well.

movie hd apk

Main Features of Movie HD APK

Through this app, you can download and watch your favorite Movies, Television Shows, and Live Streaming of football and cricket matches

Easy and 100% safe

In the latest version Add to Favorite has been added. Through which you can watch your latest version later

New movies are being added to the top

Ads Free option is also available for their prime users.

An inbuilt updater has been installed to update the app always

New categories have been added to sort the contents in a better way

Easy and user-friendly interface

Small size app, you can easily install it

No registration and no online card is required to purchase the app

You can watch your favorite movies in different display options according to your internet speed, like in 240 pixels to 4k pixels. A 3D option is also available in some movies

In the latest version, it contains more than 60000 + movies and Television shows

Adding subtitles from your Mobile and PC has also been added

How to download and install Movie HD APK for Android?

MOVIE HD APK DOWNLOAD V5.10, V5.0.7, V5.0.5, V5.0.4

You probably want to download the latest version of Movie HD APK for your android device. Google has banned multiple torrent sites due to illegal usage. Therefore we are providing all those apps, which Google recommends and those apps are also available on Playstore.

How to install Movie HD APK

movie hd apk download

There are a few steps to install this app on your device. Just follow this easy step-by-step installation procedure to install the app.

This installation process is only for android users

  1. First of all Download Movie HD APK on your device


Movie HD APK Version 5.0.5

Movie HD APK Version 5.0.7

Movie HD APK Version 5.1.0

Movie HD APK Version 5.1.3

2. Secondly, you need to download AMPlayer APK, in order to enable the Movie HD App


If the app is not installed, just enable UNKNOWN SOURCES.

Or you can download AMPlayer APK file from Playstore as well.

3. Once you install the app, just open it and start streaming

How to download and install Movie HD APK on your PC or Windows?

There is no direct option, through which you can download and install Movie HD on your PC, but we have created an option for it. You need to install bluestacks app on your windows in order to run the app.

Through BlueStacks app you can watch your favorite movies on your PC. It is compatible with all windows like XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10 and it will also work on Mac and Tablets.

How to install Movie HD on Windows?


Step 1- First of all you need to “Download BlueStacks


Step 2- Now you have to navigate Bluestacks exe. File on your computer

Step 3- Just run the BlueStacks application on your computer

Step 4- You need to accept the “License Agreements” and just click on the install button

Step 5- once it has been installed on your computer, you will find a shortcut key on your desktop

Step 6 – Now install Movie HD APK on your device.

Step 7- Now you need to open the BlueStacks app player on your device

Step 8- Navigate to the left side and there you will find an icon of BlueStacks

Step 9- Here you need to open the Movie HD APK file and press open

Step 10- Now BlueStacks will automatically install Movie HD APK and you will also find a shortcut key as well

That’s all; you are done; now just open the file and stream your desired movies and TV show.

How to Download Movie HD APK for Smart TV

Well, nowadays most Smart TV supports the Android OS version. As we know, Movie HD APK is an android app, which only works on android devices. If you have a device which not run on android, then you cannot install the Movie HD app on it.

But if you are running an android support device you can follow below step-by-step procedure.

Installation on Smart TV

Step1- Turn on your Smart TV

Step2- Secondly, you need to enable ADB Debugging “ON” in your device

Step3- To enable ABD Debugging, go to FIRE TV AND FIRE TV STICK and in the Device settings “ON” ADB Debugging as well as enable Unknown Sources.

Step4- Go to the network in the about section. In the network section, you will find an IP Address of your FIRE STICK on the right side. Copy that IP Address or write it down.

Step5- You need to Download the App2Fire app on your Smartphone

Step6- Download Movie HD APK, if you have not downloaded it yet

Step7- Now you need to Run Apps2fire, go to Settings, and put that IP Address in your AMAZON FIRE TV STICK or in FIRE TV.

Step8- Here you need to find Movie HD APK and install it

Step9- Once you install the app on your FIRE TV or FIRE TV STICK, you will see a notification

Step10- You are done; you have successfully installed the app. Enjoy streaming your favorite cinema in full HD resolution

How to download and install Movie HD APK on PC?

There are several methods through which you can install movie HD APK on your PC but today I am going to give you a method through which you can install movie APK on your PC.


Step 1- First of all you need to download Youwave, Movie HD APK, and AMPlayer APK on your computer.

Step 2- Just run and install Youwave on your computer.

Step 3- Once the Youwave app is installed on your computer navigate to Files and in the App Section click on Movie HD APK folder as well as AMPlayer APK.

Step 4- Once you click and install the app, you will find an ICON of Movie HD APP and AMPlayer on your screen. Better to open and close the app, doing this will install the app in Youwave.

Step 5- Reopen Youwave on your PC. You are done, play your favorite movies and TV Shows and it will stream in AMPlayer.

How to download movies in Youwave?

If you want to download movies on your computer you need to open Youwave and go to Manager App. On the download section, you can transfer and move your videos to any folder you want. You can transfer that video to SDCard as well.

How to download and install Movie HD APK to TV STICK or FIRE TV in PC, Linux, Windows, and  MAC

This is another great method, through which you can install Movie HD APK in AMAZON FIRE TV STICK AND AMAZON FIRE TV.

Step1- Before going to install the app, your computer and FIRE TV STICK should be connected in the same network

Step2- Download Movie HD APK on your computer

Step 3- You have to download ADB Tools

Download ADB Tool for Windows

Download ADB Tool for Linux

Download ADB Tool for MACINTOSH

Step 4- Once ADB tools are installed, just launch the command prompt function by pressing “window key + R” and typing CMD in the prompt search box, and then click on Enter.

Step 5- For the root directory, you need to type “cd[path to platform-tools folder ]”

Step 6- In the next step, you need to type adb connect [IP address].

Note For Linux and MAC Users you need to add ./ before the command. Secondly, if you haven’t remembered your IP Address, then go to device select About, and in the Network section, you will find IP Address.

Step 7- In the final step, you need to type “[path to Movie HD.APK].

Congratulation you have successfully installed the movie HD APK on your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

How to Install Movie HD APK in Blackberry?

As we know, Blackberry OS is in the android version. Movie HD supports all Blackberry devices and it’s good news for blackberry users that they can watch unlimited movies and Television shows on their android devices.


Step1- Go to Settings and then click on App manager and in installing apps check “Allow Apps from Other Sources”

Step 2- Download Movie HD APK file from the link

Step 3- Now you need to open that APK file and install the app on your Blackberry device.

How to install Movie HD APK on iPhone?

Movie HD APK is not available for iPhone and other Ios devices. But you can use MOVIE APK on your Smart TV and all those devices which operate on Android OS.


What is Movie HD APK?

It is an app, through which you can stream movies and Television shows.

Is Movie HD APK Free?

It is completely free and easy to use.

Which device Movie HD APK supports?

It is an android version app, which works on android devices, fire TV, MAC, Chrome, and some other devices.

Is it safe for my device?

Yes, it is safe for your device.

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